Hi! My name is Julia Nazar. I am glad that you have visited my website, if you want to contact me, write to my e-mail nalik07@ya.ru , I will answer you very quickly!
Biography: I was born and live in Moscow, have been engaged in artistic activity since 1993, participant of international exhibitions, biennale in Odessa, creator and resident of the Glubina art community galleryglubina.ru
Mediums: painting, objects, land art
I explore the topic of the relationship between man and nature, revising them and offering new opportunities for coexistence, sustainability and healing.
Russian Humanitarian State University
Art history
Institute of Contemporary Art Problems
Contemporary Art history
Higher School of Contemporary Art
Contemporary art
Artist statement

I often turn to the art of human relationships (Relational Art) in my artistic practices.
In 2021 I created (together with a fellow artist) the art community "Depth", whose residents are artists from different cities of Russia and abroad. The meaning of a number of my works of art is the result of cooperation and interaction between people.
Also, I spend a lot of time working with floral themes. I look deep inside the flower, trying to discern the secret of its beauty.
The main principle of my work is the search for contact between man and nature
2017, Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art

I created an installation in the form of piano keys on the steps of the Potemkin Stairs and conducted a silent performance based on Sergei Eisenstein's film Battleship Potemkin
"And the best action of this biennale was the action on the Potemkin Stairs, made by the Moscow group "Themis" — these are two girls who turned the stairs into a keyboard. It was very spectacular. Beautiful, conceptually, in every way a wonderful work of modern art." (C.Anufriev)"


It was an experiment in the effect of works of art on the audience.

I created 9 paintings depicting different crystals and gave them to the audience, they looked at the paintings for a while, holding them in their hands.

Using the method of high-frequency photography, I recorded the states of the electromagnetic field of the audience before interacting with the paintings and after. At first, the aura of the audience was stained, not even, but after interacting with the paintings, it leveled off and acquired a stable color
2022, architectural festival ARCHSTOYANIE
Theme of the festival: is there happiness?

An experiment in the search for happiness: the audience rose above the hustle and bustle at the height of a bird's flight, felt the harmony of the earth and the sky, looking inside themselves,

2021, Moscow,
Gallery 22
Impressed by what I experienced in Kazakhstan during the unrest, I created a performance in which I reproduce the ancient history: in the Mahabharata, Bhishma gives a task to young Pandava and Kaurava princes to eat without bending their arms at the elbow. And the Pandavas solved this problem by starting to feed each other.

Link to the video https://youtu.Be/b2gbrshxlxi
2021, Moscow, gallery 22, the exhibition "The Man who eats"
"Lucullus feasts" is a demonstration of my artist's life, a constant endless absorption of information that increases the so-called "watching", digestion, expelling on canvases my reflections, conceptualizations, a metaphor about the perversion of Greek spiritual feasts
Performance documentation: video and object on canvas
Link to the video https://www.instagram.com/tv/CXbpBWBAKzW/?utm_medium=copy_link

Curatorial projects
The project "Caucasian Atlantis" won a Presidential Grant and was implemented by the curator of the Glubina art community, Yuli Nazar.
Artists turn to a wide body of research on postcolonial theory, as well as to theorists and practitioners of speculative realism engaged in artistic research. For several months, the participants listened to lectures on the history of Circassia, Adygs (Circassians), contemporary art and created their own projects. Lectures were given by researchers of the Gelendzhik Museum of Local History, the National Museum of the Republic of Adygea, members of the Gelendzhik and regional departments of the Adyge Khase, translators, writers, artists and researchers.
34 artists of the Russian Federation took part in the exhibition.
full text: https://mockvanews.ru/vystavka-kavkazskaya-atlantida-projdet-v-moskve%ef%bf%bc/
Curator Yulia Nazar held an exhibition on the territory of the forest on June 24, 2023 as part of the "Universal Cause" project. This is an artistic gesture addressed to each person. A gesture that is able to support all of us at the moment when the community disintegrates, there is a division into atoms, microcosms. This is an appeal to all that exists, which can resurrect the human Spirit. This is a step towards understanding that we are all one
full text: http://gorodskoyportal.ru/moskva/news/pr/83929979/?clear=1
2022, November 1, DARWIN MUSEUM
Curator: Julia Nazar
Artists: 52 artists from different cities of the Russian Federation
The paradox resolves and animates ideas, fantasies and miracles that we, artists, can generate and fix, realize and develop.
Nothing looks more paradoxical than the origin of life on earth and the origin of species, including homo sapiens, from a common ancestor. In this sense, Darwin's evolution is an ideal theory, and the Darwin Museum is an ideal place for artists thinking about the origins and future of humanity.
The epoch of the Anthropocene, which, according to some scientists, we have entered since the invention of the steam engine, today raises the question of the evolution or (de)gradation of modern man and the world created by him.
As part of the paradoxes of Evolution project, I want to share both serious thoughts and unbridled fantasies on the topic of Darwin's theory, the future of humanity and our planet.
Media https://argumentiru.Com/2022/11/kk-531757
January 24 — February 26, 2023
The exhibition "Myth Repository" is a group project about alternative mythology.
Curators: Yulia Nazar (co-curator, artist)
Contemporary art uses themes and motifs of myths of the past. But now the artist, having sufficient freedom of consciousness, interprets history and mythology in his own way, or even creates his own.

The exhibition "Myth Storage" invites the viewer to visit the mobile Museum of Mythology, namely its most valuable part — the storage. On the walls and shelves there are objects of open mythological collections in accordance with the chronology of the fictional time scale: from VIXXII BC (BC) to XXXIV AD (AD).

The artists turn to the ancient myths of antiquity and Egypt, to Finno-Ugric and Slavic myths, talk about Soviet mythology and present their personal myths. The authors question the recognized chronology and related theories

collage, oil painting
These are invented worlds, plots and fantasies on globes, erasing the boundaries separating the inhabitants of planet Earth

  • Warm world

    diameter 15

  • Buckwheat again

    diameter 35

  • Fire Phoenix

    diameter 55

  • Island of the Gods

    diameter 25

  • Planet of Flowers

    diameter 15

  • Freezing

    diameter 30

  • Earth Apple

    diameter 30

  • Where do flowers from

    diameter 60

  • Hakuna Matata

    диаметр 20

  • Planet of People

    диаметр 45

  • Glade of hares

    диаметр 20


We live in a world that in itself is an impossible, unfathomable miracle
No logic, no human mind can comprehend the mystery of the origin and existence of the universe
For example, a flower. Any simple flower — dandelion, forget-me—not, thistle inflorescence - is a stunning beauty, mathematical and physical perfection
I have always been sure that the main work of a person in the world is contemplation and admiration
It seems to me that the universe, like any great artist, needs an audience, and therefore it created us to look at ourselves through our eyes

Poppy 1, Transformation Series
oil, canvas, 80х100
Poppy 2, Transformation Series
oil, canvas, 80х100
Poppy 3, Transformation Series / sold
oil, canvas, 80х100
Dandelion, Transformation series /sold
oil, canvas, 60х80
Dandelion and ladybug
oil, canvas, 80х100
Flora and fauna
oil, canvas, 80х100
Blue Lagoon
oil, canvas, 60х80
Snow Lotus
oil, canvas, 80х120
Fire from the inside
oil, canvas, 60x80
oil, canvas, 60x80
oil, canvas, 60x80
oil, canvas, 60x80
oil, canvas, 80x60
Beginning 1
oil, canvas, 90x70
Beginning 2
oil, canvas, 90x70
Press about me

  • Julia Nazar: "The Kirlian effect. Mysticism or physics"


    Using the method of high-frequency filming, discovered by the Soviet scientist Kirlian, the artist Julia Nazar captures the states of the electromagnetic field of the viewer during his observation of a particular work of art.


  • Utterance as a messageerity


    The Russian State Library of Arts opens a new exhibition. The exhibition presents art objects, each of which is a statement and a message at the same time. The exhibition includes the work "The Rose Line" by Yulia Nazar.


  • Prosperity

    Арт Вести

    A new exhibition "Prosperity" opens in the ecological and educational center "Floriculture" (Pavilion No. 29 at VDNH). The exhibition is curated by Yulia Nazar.

    Prosperity is the energy of women and therefore the artists chose flowers as the main character of their works..


    АРТ Вести https://youtu.be/B15NB3_bpTI

  • Inner Pattern

    Mосква News

    Weaving and weaving appeared long before metalworking and even ceramics. Many beliefs and omens are associated with the process of weaving. The Inner Pattern project appeared thanks to the interaction of curator Yulia Nazar and all the artists involved in it.

  • “MYTH STORAGE": rethinking mythology
    The exhibition offers the viewer a journey through the museum of myths constructed or interpreted by artists and performers.
    The exhibition was curated by Yulia Nazar together with Elena Aseeva.

  • Paradoxes of Evolution


    In November, the Darwin Museum opened the exhibition "Paradoxes of Evolution", curated by Julia Nazar. This is a great work of contemporary artists from different cities of Russia, during which more than 40 participants of the exhibition asked the most difficult question of the evolution of humanity and its future.

  • Ode to the Tree


    Only one day, on September 16, the installation "Ode to the Tree" by the Moscow artist Yulia was opened in Sortavala Nazar, resident of Glubina Gallery. This project was the result of the artist's work in the Sortavala Art Residence,

  • Latest practices


    On March 4, Yulia Nazar and Svetlana Demina launched a joint project "Gohua. Morning is approaching, but it is still night (Isaiah 21:12)." The second part of the exhibition title appears in the explication of each work.

  • The Structure of the Interference Association


    The experimental exhibition “The Structure of the Interference Association” of the GLUBINA gallery association is a research project, the first part of which was carried out in the north of the Leningrad Region by 13 artists and curator Yulia Nazar

  • Is there happiness? ARCHSTOYANIE 2022


    One of the largest festivals of contemporary art ARCHSTOYANIE was held in Nikola-Lenivets for the seventeenth time. This year, the main topic was the question "Is there happiness?" and the search for points of support to survive a difficult time. And the festival confirmed with confidence that there is Happiness. Yulia Nazar decided to measure the height of happiness in her project

  • Seeming Randomness


    Thinkers who denied the objective nature of Randomness would call this exhibition "Seeming Randomness", since randomness is something that we do not know the reason for. Curator Julia Nazar


  • Nutrition system

    Главная страница - Mосква News

    The exhibition contains authentic precedents and the results of experiments in building harmonious models of natural, artificial and human communities.
    A program of performances with the participation of Yulia Nazar and Svetlana Demina "Nutrition system" was shown at the opening day

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Moscow, Sergei Eisenstein St., 2

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